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  • Advertising

  • Banner advertising and publishing (based on cost-per-click).
  • Content banner publishing and advertising, get paid about $15 for 1,000 page impressions

  • SEO

  • Authoritative guide to search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • SERPs, anchor text, backlinks, meta tags, includes, domains, query strings, indexing, etc.
  • Search engine friendly redirect checker
  • The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) raps about web standards and proper design.
  • SEO Forums, coding for SEO, Google SEO, link development, web analytics, and more.
  • Serps tool, keyword spider simulator, Google Datacenter tool, link popularity, and more.
  • Free link analysis and keyword research tools.
  • A list of factors influencing search engine rankings at Google (voted on by 35 SEO experts).
  • Does Google recommend working with companies that offer to make my site Google-friendly?
  • Search for professional SEO companies by language or country.